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Virtual Reality is a core part of the 4th Industrial Revolution and Transformative Technologies that is shaping our future. We always say to our clients that they should think of virtual reality in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and 100 years from now. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is going to be the Main means in which we interact with anything digital in the future. It will play a fundamental role in how businesses attract new customers to their business. How they share information with clients and how their shops and stores will be available in Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality in Education and Training is already shaping the future of how people will learn. We learn most naturally in a 3D Environment and when we use our senses like smell, logic and touch. In a high-end virtual reality experience students can touch stuff, move around and interact with object similar to how they would in the Real world.

There is and will be a huge market for Digital products in the Virtual Reality world. Currently one of the shortcomings of Virtual Reality is content and products and not necessary hardware limitations. There is huge opportunities in developing 3D Products, 3D Services and Educational Experiences in Virtual Reality.

Custom High-End Virtual Reality experience that we developed.

Below is some of the custom high-end Virtual Reality applications that we developed. We split our Virtual Reality services into several sectors mainly 3DOF virtual reality solutions and 6DOF Virtual Reality solutions. In short on this page you will find our High-End virtual reality software developments solutions.

6DOF Virtual Reality is currently the most realistic virtual reality experiences available. In short it means people can interact and move in Virtual Reality as they would in the real world. These experiences are so immersive and feel so real that within 3 minutes people start believing what they see is Real.

Virtual Reality Tourism Game

Virtual Reality Tourism Game developed for the Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Headset.

Virtual Reality Game Experience for Tourism

How do you get people to experience Adventure Tourism without them being at the place where the activity takes place? We developed a high-end Virtual Reality experience for Tourvest South Africa to accomplish just that! In this virtual reality experience players are teleported to the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

They can look around and see what it looks like on the banks of the Zambezi River. Look at the iconic Victoria Falls bridge. See the Victoria Falls and experience the thrill of Bungee jumping.

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virtual reality warehouse

Virtual Reality Factory and Warehouse Experience – Developed for the Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, Samsung VR, Google Cardboard and High-End Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest.

Virtual Reality Warehouse and Factory Experience

We developed a high-end custom Virtual Reality experience for one of our clients whom wanted to showcase their factory to clients remotely.

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virtual reality for schools

Virtual Reality Education Science Experiment Developed for the Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR and HTC VIVE 6DOF

Virtual Reality Education Game Development

We developed a custom Virtual Reality Education Experience for one of our clients. In the Virtual Reality Education game students learn more about science in Virtual Reality. The experiment takes place inside a School Science Laboratory which we recreated in Virtual Reality. When the student enters the experience a teacher welcomes them to the experience and tell them more about the Science experiment that they are going to do!

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virtual reality application farm

Virtual Reality Game Development – Agriculture developed for the HTC VIVE virtual reality headset.

Custom Virtual Reality Application Development South Africa – Agriculture

We developed a High-End Virtual Reality Application for AGCO South Africa. The purpose of the application was to showcase the AGCO “Farm in a Box” solution in Germany at the Grune Woche International Agricultural show.

The concept was to take people from the cold of Germany it was winter at the time, to Sunny Africa and show them exactly what Farm in a Box is all about without them needing to go to Africa to experience Farm in a Box.

It also saved the company a lot of money since they did not have to move any physical infrastructure to Germany to give the people the experience.

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Virtual Reality Karaoke Game

Virtual Reality Karaoke Game

Virtual Reality Karaoke Game – DSTV South Africa

We developed a Virtual Reality Karaoke Game for DSTV South Africa. They were broadcasting the South African Idols competition and wanted the audience to experience what it is like to sing on stage.

The audience got the opportunity to try out their singing talent and provided hours of fun, laughter and entertainment. The player could pick a song that they wanted to sing and the words appeared in front of them on a Television screen. The crowd reacted to the person singing and once completed the Judges judged the performance of the player!

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Virtual Reality Application Development Company South Africa

Virtual Reality Application Developer South Africa – Standard Bank

We developed a Custom Virtual Reality application for Standard Bank South Africa. The purpose of the Virtual Reality application was to showcase why it is better to bank using your mobile phone than going into a bank branch for your banking.

The application featured 4 Scenarios.

  • Client inside a Bank branch
  • Client purchasing electricity using the smartphone application.
  • Client transferring money from one account to the other using their smartphone and online banking.
  • Client sending money to someone else using a smartphone and online banking.

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Virtual Reality Television

Custom Virtual Reality Application Development for Television Broadcaster

We developed a high-end 6DOF Virtual Reality experience for DSTV South Africa. DSTV is the Largest Pay TV Service in Africa. The client asked us to develop a virtual reality application for them that they could use at events. The idea was that instead of setting up a Real Living room, plus television, plus DSTV Satelite and decoder to instead do it in Virtual Reality.

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Virtual Reality Game development

Virtual Reality Game Developed for one of South Africa’s largest Banks

Custom Virtual Reality Application Development for South African Bank

We were commissioned to create a high-end Virtual Reality game for ABSA Bank South Africa. The purpose of the Virtual Reality game was to educate people at events about the Rewards you get when using your ABSA banking card.

The client whom commissioned us to develop this Virtual Reality games used the experience in Mall activation. One of the rewards for signing up for a ABSA Rewards card was that the client could play the ABSA Virtual Reality game.

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Virtual Reality Game we Developed

Virtual Reality Game Fear of Heights

Virtual Reality Game Development – Fear of Heights Experience

We were commissioned to create a custom Virtual Reality game for Toujeo. Toujeo is one of the leading diabetic medicines in the world. They were introducing the medicine to Doctors in South Africa and they wanted them to experience a adrenaline rush. This was meant to simulate how it feels being a diabetic.

Everyone has a fear of heights and we played on that fear to get the blood going and giving the doctors a adrenaline rush!

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