Virtual Reality Factory and Warehouse

June 11, 2019 GeraldFerreira

Virtual Reality Factory Experience

We developed a virtual reality experience for one of our clients whom wanted to showcase their factories remotely to clients. We developed a complete Virtual Reality solution for the client which allowed them to showcase the factory using a Virtual Tour, a 360° video as well as a high-end 6DOF walk through of the warehouse and factory!

virtual reality warehouse

virtual reality warehouse

Above is a render of the 3D Model which we created of the Factory.

Virtual Reality Factory

Virtual Reality Factory

Inside the Factory and Warehouse which we recreated in Virtual Reality.

In the Virtual Reality experience a client can walk-through the factory and see remotely exactly what the factory looks like. The experience was created for multiplayer and both the client and the customer could go into the experience and see what the factory and infrastructure looks like, while the client could explain the processes to the customer while both are inside the experience.

The High-End Virtual Reality experience can be used for training staff and clients as well.

Developing the Virtual Reality Factory Experience

We developed the complete virtual reality marketing solution for the company. The solution comprised of a Virtual Tour of the Factory, a 360° Video of the Factory, 3D Scanning of the Factory and developing custom 3D Models and game play for the factory.

Below we briefly describe the process we followed.

Matterport 3D Scanner

Matterport 3D Scanner

We created a 3D Scan of the Factory

We used a 3D Scanner to create the Virtual Tour for the Factory. The 3D Scanner allows us to take 360° Panorama images of the factory while the infrared scanner also capture the dimensions of the factory.

From the 3D Scanner we get a point cloud which we used for the dimensions and to make sure that we recreate the Factory with real dimensions for the Virtual Reality Experience.

Once we completed the 3D Scan we took the Point cloud from where we got the dimensions and modeled the factory from scratch using these dimensions.

The project was specifically developed for the Oculus Quest virtual reality headset because of its ease of use and mobility. The Oculus Quest supports 6DOF high-end virtual reality experiences without the use of a computer.

You can literally setup the Oculus Quest within 1 minute.

Below is two Wire-frame renders of the Warehouse and the Factory. In order to make something like this work in the Oculus Quest Virtual Reality headset the models needed to be highly optimized.

low polygon render factory

low polygon render factory

low polygon render of the factory

low polygon render of the factory

Realistic almost Photo-realistic views of the Factory

Below is another render of what the end result was. We created the 3D Model for the factory from scratch!

virtual reality render of factory

virtual reality render of factory

The Virtual Reality Factory 360° Video Tour

To show the infrastructure and factory as best as possible we created a 360° video tour of the factory. In the video two of the clients staff walk through the factory and show some of the highlights of the factory to potential clients. The idea was that this 360° video would have been used only for the event where they launched the re-branding of the factory to clients. However this has become a everyday Sales tool and is used when clients go to clients whom haven’t seen the factory yet.

360 video factory

360 video factory

Due to confidentiality we cannot share the 360° video here. For more information please contact us and we can show you what the experience looked like.

The Virtual Reality Tour of the Factory

The virtual tour is currently set to private and is being used by the client for their customers and part of their one on one sales tools. Below is some screenshots of what the virtual tour look like. For examples of other Virtual Tours that we have created which are in the public domain please visit our Virtual Tour pages.

virtual tour factory

virtual tour factory

Showing Clients the Factory in Virtual Reality

As part of the solution we assisted the client with a event where they showcased the factory to clients. We setup 20 Oculus Go units for this experience. We used self developed software to synchronize the Oculus Go virtual reality experience so that all clients could see the experience at the same time.

virtual reality oculus go units rental

virtual reality oculus go units rental

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We develop Virtual Reality Applications

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