Below is more information about our 3D Modeling services.

We are a leading Virtual Reality company in Johannesburg South Africa. As part of our Virtual Reality software and application development services. We offer 3D Modeling product development and design services.

Below you can view some of the 3D Models that we have done in the past.

Virtual Reality Farming Application

Virtual Reality Farming Application

3D Modeling Agricultural and Tractors

We develop, design and create ultra realistic 3D Models. For the Farm in a Box virtual reality application that we developed we created all the 3D Models inside the Virtual Reality Experience.
The 3D Models include:

  • Massey Ferguson Tractor
  • Helicopter
  • Farming Implements
  • Office Furniture and Service Parts
  • The Farm in a Box container.

For more information about the Virtual Reality Experience we created and images of the 3D Models visit the Virtual Reality Application Development page.

Architectural 3D Render

3D Modeling and Architectural 3D Rendering Service

Architectural 3D Rendering Services

3D Modeling and 3D Architectural Rendering is two industries very closely related. As part of our 3D Modeling and rendering services we also offer 3D Architectural Modeling and Rendering services.

This is a project from Zimbabwe that we did. The client wanted to get 3D Renders of a property that they are planning to further develop in Zimbabwe at the Victoria Falls. This property hasn’t been build yet and we had to create a 3D Model of the property and some 3D renders of the property.

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3D Model DSTV Television Remote

3D Modeling DSTV Television Remote Controller

3D Model DSTV Television Remote Control

We developed a high-end 6DOF Virtual Reality experience for DSTV South Africa. In the experience we needed to create a realistic DSTV Television Remote Controller.

In the experience players press the DSTV Television Remote controller to watch various Box Office Moviel Trailers.

Talk to us if you have a Real World product and need to get a 3D Model of it!

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