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May 4, 2019 GeraldFerreira

We were commissioned to create a Architecture 3D Artistic Visualization of the Pioneers lodge that is being developed in Zimbabwe at the Victoria Falls. The client wanted to showcase to potential investors and travel agents. The client already owns several lodges in the Victoria Falls area and wanted to showcase their latest development plans.

Below is a Architectural Artistic 3D Render of the Lodge

Architectural 3D Render

Architectural 3D Render

The Lodge is being developed at the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

Hand Drawing of the Lodge

Hand Drawing of the Lodge

This is the image of the Lodge that the client provided which we turned into a 3D Artistic Render.

Hand Drawing of the Lodge Room

Hand Drawing of the Lodge Room

This is the Hand Drawing which we received from the client, which we used as reference to create an Artistic 3D Render of what the room would look like once the Lodge have been built.

Architecture Visualization Virtual Reality

Architecture Visualization Virtual Reality

The 3D Render of the inside room of the Lodge.

3D Modeling and Architecture Visualization for Virtual Reality

We offer 3D Renders as part of our Virtual Reality and 3D Modeling services. If you are interested in using our services you can contact Gerald Ferreira at +27 72 237 7513 for more information.

Below is links to some of our 3D Modeling projects we have done in the past. For more information on 3D Renders and 3D Modeling you can visit our 3D Modeling Service page.

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