Virtual Reality South Africa

We are a premium South African based Virtual Reality company. We develop high-end virtual reality solutions for South African Businesses. We develop Smartphone Virtual reality applications and applications for the Oculus Go, Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headsets. Our aim is to cater for as many platforms as possible and we can develop our virtual reality solutions to work without Virtual Reality headsets to be more inclusive as well as to work with Virtual Reality headsets.

Virtual Reality in South Africa is much more popular than most people realize. We have had a busy couple of years developing Virtual Reality Applications for big South African businesses. Assisting companies with Virtual Reality events and technologies.

We frequently hear from clients that they did not know that there is local South African companies that develop virtual reality applications.

The Virtual Reality industry in South Africa is booming with Marketing Agencies, Education Institutions, Mining, Universities, and Financial sectors developing their own Virtual Reality Solutions and experiences. We have been fortunate to work with some of the best companies in South Africa to assist them with their Virtual Reality solutions.

Here is some of our “Virtual Reality South Africa” projects that we developed.

We have done some of the best Virtual Reality South Africa experiences for South African Businesses. Below is more information of some of the projects that we have been involved with.

High-End 6DOF Virtual Reality Custom Development

We were commissioned by ARRB Systems South Africa to develop a high-end 6DOF and 3DOF and 360° video virtual reality marketing solution for them. The purpose of the Virtual Reality experience is to market their vehicles and surveying solutions to a local, continental, and international audience.

The Innovation Hub Virtual Reality solution

We have been hard at work since the start of Covid-19 to develop a Virtual Reality Solution for “The Innovation Hub” once the virtual reality solution goes live it will offer visitors from anywhere in the world to see in 360° Virtual Reality what The Innovation Hub is all about and to learn more about the South African companies that are part of the Innovation  Hub.

The Innovation Hub Virtual Reality experience

Jeep – Virtual Reality Activation and Team Building experience

We have recently assisted with a team building experience and virtual reality activation for the Jeep Clothing Retail Group. The Team Building virtual reality experience included us flying to Cape Town to setup the Virtual Reality experiences at the company’s head offices.

Our activation specialists assisted the employees to get into the virtual reality experiences, guiding them to have as much fun as possible in the rock climbing experience and virtual reality 4×4 Off road experience. The experiences were set up in the form of a competition and the employees competed against other employees to see who were the best at the Virtual Reality Experiences.

Ferrari South Africa Virtual Reality car launch event.

We have assisted Ferrari South Africa with the launch of the Ferrari Roma in Virtual Reality. Our company was responsible for filming the Ferrari Roma in 360° degrees and to put the Software together to make the experience happen.

Visitors to the Virtual Event and Virtual Car launch could use their computers, smartphones, laptops or tablets to walk around the car, open the bonnet, doors and boot. Click on various information spots to learn more about the Ferrari Roma and watch 2D Videos inside the virtual reality experience. Users with Virtual Reality headsets could also use their headsets to explore the vehicle and immerse themselves into the virtual event.

Ferrari Virtual Reality Event Car Launch

Virtual Reality South Africa Gerald Ferreira on Television or in the News

We have been featured a couple of times in the News or on Television for our Virtual Reality work in South Africa. Below you can watch some of the interviews and clips.

Aki Anastasiou from TecHub eNCA interview with Gerald Ferreira from Virtual Reality

Gerald Ferreira talking about Virtual Reality on CNBC Africa

The SABC Trendz Travel show visited us to learn more about Virtual Reality

360° video on the Crazy ETV set where we discussed Virtual Reality in South Africa.