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We are in the final process of establishing a Virtual Reality Innovation Hub in Johannesburg and Klerksdorp South Africa. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality forms a core part of the 4th Industrial revolution and Transformative Technologies.

We already see a huge demand for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications in South Africa and a shortage of skills to keep up with the demand.

The rise in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is a international phenomenon and so is the shortage of skills in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality industry.

Current Virtual Reality headsets like the Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE offers virtual reality experience that people get so immersed into that they feel the experience is real! Year on year Virtual Reality headsets gets better and better. It also gets cheaper to own these Virtual Reality headsets and according to Moors Law the demand for these devices will continue to grow! 

The biggest opportunity in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is the shortage of content that currently exists globally! This Problem offers HUGE OPPORTUNITY for companies and individuals NOW and in the FUTURE!

[ut_header title_linebreak_mobile=”on” lead_linebreak_mobile=”on” title=”Invest in the Future of South Africa and the Virtual Reality industry.”]We have established a Non Profit Organization for the Virtual Reality Innovation Hub and need some support in establishing and maintaining the Virtual Reality Innovation Hub. As part of the setting up of the Innovation Hub we need additional outside investment.

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities that exists. Please contact Gerald Ferreira on +27 72 234 7513 for more information.[/ut_header]

[ut_header title_linebreak_mobile=”on” lead_linebreak_mobile=”on” title=”Latest Articles about the Virtual Reality Innovation Hub”]We are starting a Virtual Reality Innovation Hub in South Africa to prepare ordinary South Africans for the 4th Industrial Revolution and the biggest digital disruption of all time!

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For more information about the Virtual Reality Innovation hub visit the official website for the Virtual Reality Innovation Hub.

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External Reports on Virtual Reality and the Metaverse

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25 July, 2022

Vodacom World

Virtual Reality Event At Vodacom World

[vc_section][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We recently had a Virtual Reality booth at a promotional event for Vodacom that took place on the 18th of June 2021. The event was held at Vodacom World in

Breyten Odendaal

18 June, 2022

University Of Johannesburg Web Development

University of Johannesburg Website Development


18 June, 2022

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