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Virtual Tours South Africa

We create Professional 3D Scanned Virtual Tours for Real Estate Agents or Businesses. We can publish your Virtual Tours into Google Maps and Google Street View as well.
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Virtual Tours South Africa

We are the BEST Virtual Tour company in South Africa. We created our first Virtual Tour in 1998 and continue to do so today!

We are one of the Best Virtual Reality companies in South Africa. As part of our 360° Virtual Reality solutions we offer professional 3D Virtual Tour Scans. If you are interested in learning more about our 3D Virtual Tour Scanning services you can read more below or you can contact Ronel Ferreira on +27 72 9722 724.

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Virtual Tours South Africa

Virtual Tours South Africa

What is Virtual Tours?

Virtual Tours is panorama images stitched together. These images are then linked together allowing people to view a property or space in perspective. A Virtual Tour can be viewed on a computer, tablet, smartphone, laptop or even on a Television screen. It can also be placed inside a Virtual Reality headset. If used with a headset it feels as if you are at the property while exploring the Virtual Tour of the property.

"It is not just about the Virtual Tour. I specialize in Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. It is the BEST boost that you can give your Business in Search Engines and should be mandatory for every business that wants to be more Visible in Search Engines. "

Gerald Ferreira - Search Engine Optimization Expert


As part of our Virtual Reality service offering we create professional virtual tours. Our Virtual Tours Company is based in Johannesburg South Africa. Although we are based in Johannesburg we can create virtual tours anywhere in South Africa. The most important aspect for us is the additional visibility that you get from Virtual Tours when publishing it to Google Maps and Google Street View.

Our Virtual Tour photographers are professionally trained. Allowing for a fast efficient and professional service.

We are one of the best Virtual Tour Photography companies in South Africa.


  • It helps with becoming more visible in Search Engines (Local SEO).
  • It offers Photo Realistic Experiences.
  • Allow people to view the spaces as if they were physically present at the location.
  • 24/7 Available online for people to view.
  • Sell properties faster, more efficient and professionally.
  • Stand out from your competition.
  • Added Security – Sell Property without having hundreds of people walking through the property.
  • Sell Nationally and Internationally to clients without them needing to physically view the space.

Real Estate Virtual Tour Examples

Below is some examples of Virtual Tours that we created for Real Estate Companies in South Africa. You can click on any of the images below and it will take you to the page where you can view the Virtual Tours for yourself and see how it can benefit your company. Remember to click back to this page for more information on how virtual tours can benefit your business and to see other user cases for Virtual Tours as well.

Virtual Reality Statistics

As part of our Service offering we can provide clients with the amount of views the Virtual Tours have received. The Stats below were taken at the time of writing this article and by the time you are reading this article it will have increased.

Count Up to 32

Impressions for this Virtual Tour

Count Up to 4.4

Impressions for this Virtual Tour

Count Up to 23

Impressions for this Virtual Tour

Virtual Tours is a great way to sell property online, or to showcase your places and spaces to potential clients. Many people do not realize that it is also a SUPER POWERFUL MARKETING TOOL. How difficult would it be to take 10 000 People through the property in Real Life? The stats above is proof that it is possible to take unlimited amount of people through a Property or Business without the inconvenience of physically taking the people through the property!

Virtual Tours for Businesses

The Best thing you can do to make your business more visible in the Search Engines is to get your BUSINESS into Google Street View and Google Maps. We are Google Street View Trusted Photographers and Google Local Guides Level 7 Contributors. This means that we can publish your business virtual tour into Google Street View. This helps clients to SEE what your business is about and that you have the infrastructure that you say you have!

The Best thing about having a Virtual Tour in Google Street View is that your business will become more visible in the Search Engines.

Virtual Reality Tours Business Statistics

Below is some statistics of Virtual Tours that we have created for South African Businesses. Businesses in General are not aware of how Virtual Tours can make there businesses more visible. In less that 3 Months the King Shaka International Airport received more than 500 000 views and counting for the Virtual Tour that we created for them!

Count Up to 500

Impressions for this Virtual Tour

Count Up to 43

Impressions for this Virtual Tour

Count Up to 134

Impressions for this Virtual Tour

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Google Maps Statistics

Google Maps cover 99% of the world with their maps. Google Maps receive +/- 25 Million updates daily. It has more than 1 Billion monthly active users. Are you optimizing your business for Google Maps? If not you may want to get a Virtual Tour today to get maximum exposure in Google Maps and Google Street View!

Google Street View

Google Street View

Talk to us today, for more information on how Google Street View Virtual Tours can benefit your business. You can contact Ronel Ferreira on +27 72 9722 724 or Gerald Ferreira on +27 72 234 7513.


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