My name is Gerald Ferreira, I am the owner of several Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality businesses in South Africa. This page is a mix-up between my virtual reality businesses and a personal profile page of some of my skills, past work, and services that I do offer. I am a serial entrepreneur, pioneer, and software developer with a wide range of skills and capabilities. On this page you can learn more about my skills and the services that I offer.

I love challenges and love to work on things that has not been done before! If you are looking for someone that is highly skilled in software development, web development, marketing, e-commerce, SEO or Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality talk to me! I would love to help you turn your project from idea to concept to viable.

Virtual Reality Beach House

Virtual Reality Software Developer

We develop Virtual Reality Software and Applications for the Oculus Quest, HTC Vive and Google Cardboard devices. Our service offering include developing high-end Virtual Reality applications, games and training material for 6DOF virtual reality experiences. We develop solutions for 3DOF Virtual Reality including 3DOF Virtual Tours and 360° Videos. Our solutions can also be adapted for Smartphone Devices, Laptops, Desktop computers and VR Devices.

For more information visit our Virtual Reality Software Developer pages

Virtual Tours for Real Estate Agents

Virtual Tours

We create custom Virtual Tour experiences for Businesses.

For more information visit our Virtual Tours pages. Here you will find more information on the various different Virtual Reality Tours that we offer.

Some of our biggest Virtual Tour projects include the University of Pretoria, the Innovation Hub virtual tour and Glencore Virtual Tour to name a few. Our Virtual Tour services go far beyond  just creating ordinary virtual tours.

Massey Ferguson Tractor 3D Model

3D Modeling

Interested in creating 3D Models of you products? We can help you to create 3D Model Product Prototypes, 3D Models of existing products or 3D Visualization for Properties and Architects. For more information on 3D Modeling visit our 3D Modeling for Virtual Reality Applications page.

We have a dedicated team of 3D Modelers with exceptional capabilities to create stunning realistic 3D Models.

Web Development South Africa

Web Development

One of my core skills is developing websites. We develop custom websites using mostly wordpress as our preferred content management system, although we are capable of building custom websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, ASP and PHP as a base. I have been doing web development since 1995 and it is one of my personal specialties.

One of my recent career highlights includes the development of the University of Johannesburg website. We re-developed the website from scratch and updated the website from SharePoint to a WordPress platform.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing

If humans had super powers, mine would likely be Search Engine Optimization. I have intensive experience in organic search engine optimization and online marketing. Some of my top achievements include ranking for highly competitive search terms multiple times on the first pages of search engines like Google and Bing. Some of my accomplishments includes moving a website from 300 000 monthly visitors to 1.4 million monthly visitors to mention one example.

I mostly do Search Engine Optimization for my own websites but do also offer it exclusively to pre-selected customers.

Augmented Reality Applications South Africa

Augmented Reality Software Development

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality software development is very similar although it is two different technologies. My team and I offer Augmented Reality custom development as a service and can help you to create commercial viable augmented reality software solutions and applications. We work with Corporate clients to create Proof of Concept augmented reality experiences or fully commercial augmented reality applications. Augmented Reality is one of the most powerful emerging technologies and the opportunities and implementations of virtual reality for entertainment, education, marketing and sales are endless!

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