Virtual Reality Game Development – Fear of Heights Experience


We were commissioned to create a Virtual Reality experience for Toujeo®. What is Toujeo®? It it one of the leading insulin glargine injections in the world. The idea was to get doctors and medical reps who attended the Toujeo® events a adrenaline rush so that they get the feeling of what it is like if you are a diabetic.

We created a Virtual Reality game for them for these events. Most people have a fear of heights and we decided to play on their fears and to get the adrenaline rush.

Doctor inside the Virtual Reality experience

This video tell the story of the Virtual Reality activation and the VR game that we custom developed for this event. People loved the experience and it was interesting to see that it is not only us normal people that are scared of heights but that Doctors are also scared of heights!

About the Fear of Heights virtual reality game development.

Johannesburg City Virtual Reality Experience
Johannesburg City Virtual Reality Experience

Description of the Virtual Reality Game

We recreated a Johannesburg City Scene for this Virtual Reality game. Players were standing on the sidewalk inside the City.

In front of them was a billboard with some Toujeo branding on it.

When we develop a custom virtual reality game we can strategically place advertisement inside the game. The player could see the road in front of them and watch cars, trucks and ambulances drive past the player in the street in front of them.

There were also people walking on the sidewalks.

Virtual Reality Game we Developed
Virtual Reality Game we Developed

Inside the Elevator going to the Toujeo Building

The Elevator Entrance to the Toujeo Building

Behind the player was a elevator presumably the entrance to the Toujeo Office building. Once the player got into the elevator they had to press a button to go to the top floor.

We placed strategic Advertising inside the elevator as well as on the Outside Buildings.

Virtual Reality Branding

Virtual Reality BrandingStrategic Branding around the City of Johannesburg in Virtual Reality.

VR City Scene
VR City Scene

Virtual Reality City Scene

virtual reality city
virtual reality city

Tour bus inside the Virtual Reality Game experience.

Virtual Reality Custom Game Development
Virtual Reality Custom Game Development

Image of the Virtual Reality Custom Game that we developed.

Virtual Reality Custom Develop Game Experience
Virtual Reality Custom Develop Game Experience

Virtual Reality Custom Develop Game Experience

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