We were commissioned to create a Virtual Reality Experience for DSTV South Africa. DSTV is the biggest pay TV in Africa. DSTV was the official broadcaster of the Idols show in South Africa. They wanted to offer audience members a Karaoke experience to fit in with the theme of Idols.

The idea was to create a Virtual Reality Karaoke platform with 3 Judges and a audience inside virtual reality to give the audience the Idols experience. They wanted the person to feel completely immersed into the experience.

“We would like to take the opportunity to invite you to our offices to come and experience the Virtual Reality applications that we created! This will give you a good understanding of our capabilities and why Virtual Reality is such a powerful marketing tool.”

Gerald Ferreira – Virtual Reality Software Developer

Video of the Virtual Reality Karaoke Game

Below is a short video showing some of the features of the Virtual Reality Karaoke Game which we developed for DSTV South Africa.

More About the Virtual Reality Karaoke Game that we Developed.

Virtual Reality Karaoke Game
Virtual Reality Karaoke Game

Inside the Virtual Reality Karaoke Game

Karaoke Virtual Reality Game
Karaoke Virtual Reality Game

The Karaoke Stage from where the contestant performed.

Virtual Reality Karaoke Song List
Virtual Reality Karaoke Song List

Virtual Reality Karaoke Song List

The Virtual Reality Karaoke Game Stage

We created a stage and platform for the contestant to stand on. The stage was slightly elevated so that the contestant could see the judges as well as the crowd. Both the Judges and Crowd reacted to the person doing their audition in Virtual Reality. They danced, reacted to the singing booed and cheered as the player sang.

This encouraged the person to perform at their best. The experience quickly got to most contestants and they sang their hearts out! This provided excellent spectator value and the people at the Idols event loved it!

Virtual Reality Contestant DJ Box

In front of the contestant was a DJ box, Big Screen and a Laptop. On the Television screen the contestant could select one of 20 songs that he/she wanted to sing. Once the contestant selected the song of their choice the words appeared in Karaoke format and the contestant could read the words while singing.

The Karaoke Virtual Reality game was developed for the HTC VIVE virtual reality headset and offered 6 Degrees of Freedom inside. This means people could walk closer to the Microphone, Pick it Up, interact with the DJ Box and move closer or further away from the Television screens showing the words they needed to sing.

Easy to use Virtual Reality Experience

We placed several screens around the contestant and a Big Screen Behind the contestant. This added convenience to the audition since the singer could look around and always have the words somewhere in front of him/her while auditioning.

360° Video Virtual Reality Game Karaoke Event

Below is a 360° video that we took at the State Theater in Pretoria at one of the Virtual Reality events.

Above is a candid 360° Video we took at one of the Virtual Reality Karaoke Events in Pretoria, South Africa at the State Theater.

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