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We developed a high-end Virtual Reality Experience for DSTV South Africa. DSTV is the Largest Pay TV Service in Africa. They wanted to show people at events in virtual reality what it is like to own Box Office. Instead of creating a living room at the events with Real Furniture, Real DSTV equipment and Real Televisions they wanted it all in Virtual Reality.

Part of the brief was to showcase the 5 devices on which you can watch DSTV. They also wanted to show 5 places where you can watch DSTV.

We would like to invite you to our offices for a demonstration of the Virtual Reality applications that we have developed. Viewing virtual reality in 2D doesn’t tell the whole story especially high-end 6DOF virtual reality where you can walk inside Virtual Reality, touch stuff in Virtual Reality and experience it as if it is real!

Gerald Ferreira – Virtual Reality Pioneer and Developer

Virtual Reality Video

Below is a teaser video that showcase the DSTV BoxOffice virtual reality experience which we developed for DSTV South Africa. It is a high-end virtual reality application that used the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality headset.

Virtual Reality Television
Virtual Reality Television

The Players started in a BIG room. Here they could watch BoxOffice Trailers. Or go to one of the 5 Scenarios where they could watch DSTV on the go!

Virtual Reality Custom Development
Virtual Reality Custom Development

The Custom Developed Virtual Reality Application the City Scene.

The Virtual Reality Brief

  • Instead of using Real Props at the Events they wanted to create a Virtual Reality environment where people could view DSTV in Virtual Reality.
  • The client provided us with the various BoxOffice Trailers clients could view in the Virtual Reality experience.
  • They wanted to showcase 5 products on which clients can watch DSTV and BoxOffice on:
    • Laptop
    • Tablet
    • Smartphone
    • Television
    • Computer
  • They wanted to show that you can watch DSTV anywhere so we created 5 places where clients could go to in Virtual Reality to watch DSTV.
    • While using Public Transport. We created a City Scene with a Bus from where people could watch DSTV in the Virtual Reality experience.
    • While at work. We created a office environment from where people could watch DSTV in the Virtual Reality experience.
    • Hotel Room. We created a Hotel room from where people could watch DSTV in the Virtual Reality experience.
    • Home – We created a awesome home from where people could watch DSTV in the Virtual Reality experience.
    • Some dark humor, we created a Bathroom showing that people can watch DSTV even when they are on the toilet.
Virtual Reality School Classroom
Virtual Reality School Classroom

Clients could watch DSTV and BoxOffice in various locations. Above is a screenshot of Unity and the classroom office conveying the message that you can watch BoxOffice anywhere.

Virtual Reality Living Room
Virtual Reality Living Room

Screenshot of Unity which is the Software we used to develop the DSTV virtual reality application with. In the screenshot you can see part of the Living Room Virtual Reality experience. Showing people that they can watch DSTV BoxOffice anywhere.

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