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Virtual Reality Game Experience for Tourism


Virtual Reality is one of the most powerful ways of marketing tourism destinations. Virtual Tours allow clients to see accommodation, venues, museums and attractions in photo-realistic 3D Virtual Tours.

However how do you get someone to experience the thrill of adventure travel without them being at the venue?

We created a high-end Virtual Reality Tourism Game experience to do just that. When people are immersed in virtual reality the experience looks totally different to them, although we used animation and 3D models and 3D Graphics when you are not inside the VR experience it looks animated! However for people inside the experience it looks very REAL!

We would like to invite you to our offices to come and experience this virtual reality game for yourself. One of the hardest thing to do in Virtual Reality is to sell something in a 2D environment. When you visit our offices we can also demo the various other Virtual Reality options that we have available!

Gerald Ferreira – Virtual Reality Developer South Africa
Virtual Reality Tourism Game Experience
Virtual Reality Tourism Game Experience

Potential Tourists start the experience on the banks of the Zambezi river. On their left side they can see the Victoria Falls, in front of them the Zambezi River and on the left side the iconic bridge at the Victoria Falls.

Virtual Reality Tourism Experience Victoria Falls
Virtual Reality Tourism Experience Victoria Falls

The client wanted us to display certain branding inside the Virtual Reality Tourism experience. In this photo you can see the Eurocar rental car, and behind it a part of the Victoria Falls. Virtual Reality is a powerful marketing tool and marketers can control everything a client sees inside the Virtual Reality experience.

Virtual Reality Victoria Falls
Virtual Reality Victoria Falls

3D Render of the Victoria Falls bridge as seen in the Virtual Reality Tourism Game experience.

Tourism Virtual Reality Game experience
Tourism Virtual Reality Game experience

Victoria Falls Iconic Bridge – 3D Render from the Virtual Reality Tourism experience which we developed.

Virtual Reality Tourism Game
Virtual Reality Tourism Game

To make things more exciting we added some crocodiles.

Virtual Reality Tourism Game Activation Video

Below is a short video taken at one of the Tourvest Events. Showing the experience to people at the event. As you can see the experience is quite real for those trying it in Virtual Reality!

We develop Virtual Reality Games for South African Businesses

Below is some more virtual reality applications and games that we have developed. You can also visit our page specifically on our Virtual Reality Game Development for more information about the applications that we’ve developed.

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