View a House in Virtual Reality


Gerald Ferreira, founder of South African enterprise, said, however, although VR was “relatively new technology”, the concept had been used in real estate for most of the past decade.

“In the past it was a very cumbersome process. We shot with a static SLR camera on a tripod in all directions and then used a mixture of Photoshop and our own technology to stitch it together and programme the scenes together, so that you could ‘walk’ through the property and ‘look around’.

“Today, we use ultra-high resolution 4K cameras that face in all directions – including up – at the same time. The cameras are positioned in a rig printed with a 3D printer, so the overlap is perfect. We can take video and pictures at the same time and then do minor corrections in our software. Last, we stitch the different scenes together and programme the ‘walk’.”

House in Virtual Reality
House in Virtual Reality

The technology is expensive though, leaving South Africa lagging behind the global trend. But local companies are already prepared for the future boom and have the technology ready and waiting to be used.

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