Aki Anastasiou from TecHub eNCA interview with Gerald Ferreira from Virtual Reality

Aki Anastasiou, one of South Africa’s leading radio and TV personalities and avid tech lover recently interviewed Gerald Ferreira on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in South Africa.. Aki Anastasiou is the host of a brand-new technology and gaming show on eNCA called TecHub. You can watch the full episode below and learn more about […]

Virtual tours take off globally in times of coronavirus – Aljazeera

You can view the Aljazeera Interview at Virtual tours take off globally in times of coronavirus

Virtual Reality South Africa on Trendz Travel SABC

The SABC Trendz Travel show visited us to learn more about Virtual Reality and how people can use virtual reality during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Sunday Times – Even Banks are fun in the Goggle Eyed Future

We were contacted by Tanya Farber a journalist at the Sunday Times South Africa to provide some information about the state of Virtual Reality in South Africa.

International Media Coverage for Gerald Ferreira Virtual Reality

The digital revolution is giving rise to exciting new technologies. Businesses that take advantage of these may possess a vital competitive edge, but there are also risks to navigate. Inside spoke with experts from the region to learn more.

Virtual Reality South Africa on Television

We were invited to ETV to talk about Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality is going to play an ever increasing role in Entertainment, Gaming and Education.

Gerald Ferreira – We are not interested in doing Virtual Reality Porn

Gerald Ferreira, founder of various South African based Virtual Reality Companies, says as a company and for personal reasons, it made the conscious decision not to get directly involved in the porn industry.

View a House in Virtual Reality

Gerald Ferreira, founder of South African enterprise virtual-reality.co.za, said, however, although VR was “relatively new technology”, the concept had been used in real estate for most of the past decade.

Virtual Reality Gerald Ferreira in Brainstorm Magazine

We were invited to talk about Virtual Reality for an article in the Brainstorm Magazine. Virtual Reality has to be one of the most exciting trends to kickstart the year, but other than shiny images, what else can it do?

Gerald Ferreira on Television CNBC Africa

Gerald Ferreira talking about Virtual Reality on CNBC Africa. I was invited by Finweek to their Television show on CNBC Africa to talk about Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality in Finweek News

We received some media converge from the FinWeek Magazine. I got the opportunity to share some information about the Virtual Reality industry in South Africa.

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