Virtual Reality Edutech South Africa

We recently showcased some of our Virtual Reality Education solutions at Edutech South Africa. Virtual Reality is one of the most powerful mediums for education.

Virtual Reality Application Development – Agriculture

We were commissioned by AGCO South Africa to develop a high-end Virtual Reality experience for them. They wanted to showcase Farm in a Box to potential investors in Germany and give them a clear overview of what Farm in a Box is all about.

Virtual Reality Application Developer South Africa – Standard Bank

We were commissioned by Standard Bank South Africa to create a Virtual Reality Education and Marketing application for them. The concept that they wanted to show clients was that Smartphone banking is more convenient than going to a physical branch.

Africacom – Virtual Reality in Education

We developed a Educational Virtual Reality Experiment for Extramarks. Extramarks is an International Online Education platform. As part of the events and activation of the experience they invited journalists and kids to the Africacom Exhibition to showcase the power of Virtual Reality and online learning.

Virtual Reality Education Game

One of my personal passions is Virtual Reality in Education. I believe that virtual reality is the ultimate training and education solution. We as humans learn the best in a 3D Environment. We live in a 3D Enviroment, we touch stuff, we move around and we explore spaces, places and objects. In a 2D environment […]

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