Virtual Reality Game Experience for Tourism

Virtual Reality is one of the most powerful ways of marketing tourism destinations. Virtual Tours allow clients to see accommodation, venues, museums and attractions in photo-realistic 3D Virtual Tours. However how do you get someone to experience the thrill of adventure travel without them being at the venue?

Architectural 3D Rendering Services – Tourism Lodge Victoria Falls

We were commissioned to create a Architecture 3D Artistic Visualization of the Pioneers lodge that is being developed in Zimbabwe at the Victoria Falls. The client wanted to showcase to potential investors and travel agents. The client already owns several lodges in the Victoria Falls area and wanted to showcase their latest development plans.

Virtual Reality Tourism – KwaZulu Natal Virtual Reality Event in Botswana

We were commissioned by Splendid Marketing South Africa to assist them with their Virtual Reality Events for Tourism KwaZulu Natal. This was one of the most exciting virtual reality events that we have done to date.

Gerald Ferreira Speaker at ABSA Tourism Event

I was invited by ABSA to speak about Virtual Reality in the Tourism industry.

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