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Airports Company South Africa 360° Virtual Reality Video

We were commissioned to create a semi high-end virtual reality experience for the Airports Company of South Africa. The experience was made for the Oculus Quest virtual reality headset.

Property Development Virtual Reality Custom Development

We were commissioned by Attebury to create a Virtual Reality Birds Eye view of the CastleGate property development. They were launching the CastleGate property development to the media and public and wanted to show them what the property would look like once it has been built.

Virtual Reality Game Experience for Tourism

Virtual Reality is one of the most powerful ways of marketing tourism destinations. Virtual Tours allow clients to see accommodation, venues, museums and attractions in photo-realistic 3D Virtual Tours. However how do you get someone to experience the thrill of adventure travel without them being at the venue?

Virtual Reality Application Development – Agriculture

We were commissioned by AGCO South Africa to develop a high-end Virtual Reality experience for them. They wanted to showcase Farm in a Box to potential investors in Germany and give them a clear overview of what Farm in a Box is all about.

Virtual Reality Karaoke Game Development

We were commissioned to create a Virtual Reality Experience for DSTV South Africa. DSTV is the biggest pay TV in Africa. DSTV was the official broadcaster of the Idols show in South Africa. They wanted to offer audience members a Karaoke experience to fit in with the theme of Idols.

Virtual Reality Game Development – Fear of Heights Experience

We were commissioned to create a Virtual Reality experience for Toujeo®. What is Toujeo®? It it one of the leading insulin glargine injections in the world. The idea was to get doctors and medical reps who attended the Toujeo® events a adrenaline rush so that they get the feeling of what it is like if […]

Virtual Reality Application Developer South Africa – Standard Bank

We were commissioned by Standard Bank South Africa to create a Virtual Reality Education and Marketing application for them. The concept that they wanted to show clients was that Smartphone banking is more convenient than going to a physical branch.

Virtual Reality Education Game

One of my personal passions is Virtual Reality in Education. I believe that virtual reality is the ultimate training and education solution. We as humans learn the best in a 3D Environment. We live in a 3D Enviroment, we touch stuff, we move around and we explore spaces, places and objects. In a 2D environment […]

Custom Virtual Reality Application Development for Television Broadcaster

We developed a high-end Virtual Reality Experience for DSTV South Africa. DSTV is the Largest Pay TV Service in Africa. They wanted to show people at events in virtual reality what it is like to own Box Office. Instead of creating a living room at the events with Real Furniture, Real DSTV equipment and Real […]

Virtual Reality Game – ABSA Bank South Africa

We developed a high-end 6DOF Virtual Reality game for ABSA Bank South Africa. They wanted to showcase the benefits of ABSA rewards in a competitive environment to their clients. The Agency that contracted us to develop the application for ABSA had to do mall activation to sign up people for the ABSA Rewards program.

Virtual Reality Tour Johannesburg Motor Show 2011

In 2011 we created one of the biggest Virtual Tours in South Africa. At the time Virtual Reality was not yet as common as it is today. We were the pioneers of Virtual Reality at the time believing that one day the industry will take off! In fact we created our first Virtual Tour of […]

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