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October 23, 2004 GeraldFerreira

I founded the 3D Car Shows website in 2004. The image in the header of this website is one of the images I have taken originally at the Johannesburg Motor Show in 2004. When I did the first Johannesburg International Motor Show virtual reality tour. The idea was to create virtual tours of cars and motor shows. At the time the internet was extremely slow and virtual reality wasn’t ready for main stream yet.

The website was very well optimized for the search engines and I received quite a lot of visitors. I were regularly publishing press releases of the major motor manufacturers on the website and the website was accepted into the Google News network.

All search results were received from Organic Search Results.


Search Engine Optimization Results

At its peak the 3D Car Shows website received 2,571,179 Page Views from December 2012 to December 2014. The website still exists today but I hardly have time to update it, or to add content to the website.

3D Car Shows in Google News Network

Google News Results 3D Car Shows

Google News Results 3D Car Shows

The legacy of 3D Car Shows is still available to view if you search for in Google News.

Search Engine Optimization Lessons I have Learned

I learned some incredible Search Enigne Optimization Lessons while I was running the 3D Car Shows website. The website was at the time running in the top 500 most visited sites in South Africa. Being part of the Google News network meant that if I published something on the 3D Car Shows site it would rank instantly on the first page of Google for the related article.

  • I received valuable inside using the Google News Network + Google Real-time Analytics.
  • At the time I could publish about anything and the website would rank for those terms. I monitored posts carefully to determine what Search Terms will likely receive the most hits and optimized the article for those words.
  • A Highly optimized website can out perform most websites.
  • Google Street View – 360° Panorama images is a powerful search engine optimization tool.
  • In some cases I have dominated the Search Engine Results for key terms during major motoring events around the world.
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