In 2013 we received a Sponsorship | Barter Deal form the organizers of the Johannesburg Motor Show to create a virtual tour of the Johannesburg Motor Show. In return for the virtual tour we received a stand at the Johannesburg Motor Show.

I expected that we will receive huge interest in Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality but hardly anyone came to visit our Virtual Reality stand. Most people were only interested in the Cars and not in the fact that they can view the cars in virtual reality post the event. Today the Virtual Tour that we created in 2011 have received well over 1 Million views and still lives on the internet and now forms part of the History of the Johannesburg Motor Show and the legacy of the car show.

Virtual Reality in 2013

Virtual Tour Johannesburg International Motor Show South Africa

Here is a virtual tour of the Johannesburg Motor Show that we did in 2011. Since 2011 the Motor Show received more than 1 million online views.

Virtual Tour Statistics

Some interesting statistics about this Virtual Tour. It received more than 1.2 Million views (These will increase year by year). The Virtual Tour was created in 2011. The Virtual Tour have more than 80 + panorama images.

Our First self-developed 360° Video Camera

We created our own 360° Video camera for this 360° video. Completely self-funded and used it at the show for the first time. This was before commercial 360° video was commonly available, and 360° Cameras were ridiculously expensive. This was a proof of concept and helped us develop our next camera to perfection. When you watch the video you will see some cliches but this was part of our learning curve.

These 360° videos were possible among the first if not the first ever shot in South Africa.

360 video camera
360 video camera

We Developed our own 360° Camera and tested it for the first time at the Johannesburg International Motor Show in 2013.

The Mercedes-Benz stand at the 2013 Johannesburg Motor Show in South Africa.

Walking through the Car Magazine stand at the Johannesburg International Motor Show.