Virtual Reality Tourism – KwaZulu Natal Virtual Reality Event in Botswana


We were commissioned by Splendid Marketing South Africa to assist them with their Virtual Reality Events for Tourism KwaZulu Natal. This was one of the most exciting virtual reality events that we have done to date.

We were responsible for the Virtual Reality Stand Design, Activation People as well as all the props and virtual reality equipment. The event took place in Gaborone Botswana and we had to take care of all the logistics and importing and exporting of the equipment to and from South Africa to Botswana.

We had to develop a Virtual Reality Surfboard prop, Zulu Dancing theme with props and a Zip lining prop for this activation.

Below is some images of what the Props looked like.

Virtual Reality Surfboard
Virtual Reality Surfboard

Virtual Reality Surfing

To add some excitement to the Virtual Reality Tourism event. We created a surfboard on springs. Clients had to hold onto the Surfboard rail while in the Virtual Reality Surfing experience. Giving them the experience that they are in Durban surfing! This element was very exiting and attacked thousands of people to the Virtual Reality activation.

virtual reality zip line
virtual reality zip line

Virtual Reality Zip Line

The Virtual Reality Zip Line was another favorite for people whom visited the TKZN virtual reality stand. People were suspended in the air while experiencing the Drakensberg Zip line tour. We received lots of positive feedback from spectators at the event. Whom all seemed very interested to visit KZN in the near future after experiencing what the province has on offer.

Virtual Reality Zulu Dancing
Virtual Reality Zulu Dancing

Zulu Dancing inside Virtual Reality

People could also try out their dancing skills. Our activation staff were dressed in Traditional Zulu clothing adding to the ambiance of Zulu dancing with Zulus in South Africa.

Virtual Reality Tourism

Virtual Reality is a powerful medium to immerse people across the world into holiday experiences. Yes it is not the real experience but it is good enough to give people a awesome idea of how it would be if they go to the holiday spot.

We clearly saw at this activation that the medium worked, and people said that they are very keen on visiting KwaZulu Natal after experiencing some of the things KZN has to offer tourists.

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