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Virtual Reality Innovation Hub North West South Africa


We are in the process of gamifying the Innovation Hub using high-end virtual reality to immerse clients into the Innovation Hub.

Virtual Reality Innovation Hub – Gamification

We recently purchased a property in Klerksdorp, North West Province, South Africa. We are investing in the property with the aim of turning it into a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality innovation hub. To provide potential clients and sponsors an overview of the Virtual Reality Innovation Hub we decided to showcase our skills and previous work as part of the experience by gamifying the virtual reality experience.

Potential Clients can walk through the Innovation Hub using high-end 6DOF Virtual Reality. Typically this would be the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset or the HTC VIVE virtual reality headsets. The Innovation Hub Virtual Reality experience is also available on the high-end mobile Oculus Quest Virtual Reality headset.

Although it is not yet fully completed at the time of writing this article. Potential Students, Entrepreneurs, clients or sponsors will be able to get an induction of the Innovation Hub. They can walk through the innovation hub as if they were there and interact with the innovation hub, experience previous work that we have done. See the setup and learn more about how they can use virtual reality as a induction tool, training tool, for education or simply to market their services and products.

Each room inside the Virtual Reality Innovation Hub will have different things that clients or students can interact with. This will serve the purpose to showcase what is possible in virtual reality and give them a good understanding of our capabilities.

The Virtual Reality Innovation Hub experience will showcase the Innovation Hub as we envision it to become. The experience is based on the actual property and you can walk through it in 6DOF as if you are physically at the Innovation hub.

Multiplayer Virtual Reality experience

To make things more exiting we are developing the experience as a Multiplayer experience. This means that up to 50 people can enter into the same virtual reality experience and interact with each other while exploring the Innovation Hub in Virtual Reality.

North Wwest Province Virtual Reality Innovation Hub
North Wwest Province Virtual Reality Innovation Hub

Front Side View of the Virtual Reality Innovation Hub.

Innovation Hub Klerksdorp
Innovation Hub Klerksdorp

Side View of the Klerksdorp, North West, South Africa Virtual Reality Innovation Hub.

Innovation Hub Klerksdorp Property View
Innovation Hub Klerksdorp Property View

Rear View of the Klerksdorp Virtual Reality Innovation Hub Game Experience.

Sponsor the Klerksdorp North West Virtual Reality Innovation Hub

We are looking for partners / sponsors to help us establish and run the virtual reality innovation hub. At the time of writing the Innovation Hub is self-funded. However we are looking for partners and sponsors to help us develop the Klerksdorp Innovation hub. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will play a fundamental role in the 4th Industrial Revolution. If we don’t train people how to create high-end virtual reality solutions now, South Africa is going to be left behind!

For more information on Partner and sponsorship opportunities you can contact Gerald Ferreira on +27 72 234 7513 for more information.

Visit the Virtual Reality Innovation Hub pages for updates, and see the progress we are making getting the Virtual Reality Innovation Hub up and running.

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