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We recently showcased some of our Virtual Reality Education solutions at Edutech South Africa. Virtual Reality is one of the most powerful mediums for education.

Edutech Virtual Reality Education
Edutech Virtual Reality Education

You get virtual reality and you get VIRTUAL REALITY. We develop high-end Virtual Reality solutions. Our solutions are super immersive and once you are inside our Virtual Reality solutions it feels as if you are truly there. In high-end virtual reality it is hard to distinguish between what is Real and what is Virtual Reality. You can also walk in high-end virtual reality similar to how you walk in the real world. Pick up objects and interact with your environment.

We believe that this kind of Virtual Reality is the best for education. It is natural for humans to learn in a 3D Environment and this is what high-end virtual reality have to offer.

We showcases some of these high-tech high-end virtual reality solutions at Edutech 2019. Since the event we have had overwhelming response and in the process of joining forces with a South African University to develop high-end Virtual Reality solutions and applications.

Virtual Reality Tour of Edutech South Africa 2019

Below you can view a virtual tour of the Edutech 2019 Exhibition. EduTECH Africa is intentionally designed to inspire and encourage knowledge exchange and to showcase disruptors who are having a transformative impact on every aspect of education.

An event that unites all leading stakeholders – principals, deans, teachers and educators in every discipline, as well as start-ups and incumbent innovators too.

Images from EduTech 2019 South Africa

Below is some images of our Virtual Reality Exhibition at the Edutech 2019 conference.

Education Virtual Reality
Education Virtual Reality

Someone Trying out some of the Virtual Reality experiences at the Edutech Virtual Reality stand.

We had several Oculus Quest units on display and people could try out several different demo’s to get a feel of the power of virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Education
Virtual Reality Education

Someone that cannot believe what they are seeing. Virtual Reality can make you believe something is real in less than 3 minutes.

Virtual Reality Edutech
Virtual Reality Edutech

Ronel Ferreira assisting someone with their virtual reality experience.

Virtual Reality Education and Training Solutions

At the event we soft launched the intention of creating a Virtual Reality Innovation Hub in Klerksdorp in the North West Province of South Africa. For more information on the Innovation Hub go to the Virtual Reality Innovation Hub pages.

You can also follow the links below for more information on our involvement in Virtual Reality Education.

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