Virtual Reality Demonstration to Advertising Industry

October 6, 2016 GeraldFerreira

We were invited by Red Cherry Advertising South Africa to demonstrate virtual reality to their clients at one of their Industry days. Below is some images that we took at the event.

We were one of the first Virtual Reality companies in South Africa to import the All-in-One virtual reality headsets to South Africa. To use them for virtual reality activation and virtual reality events.

virtual reality all in one

virtual reality all in one

All in One Virtual Reality Headsets

virtual reality product demonstration

virtual reality product demonstration

virtual reality industry demonstration

virtual reality industry demonstration



Virtual Reality Demonstrations South Africa

Virtual Reality is hard to sell if you sell it without getting the client into Virtual Reality. It is completely different to look at virtual reality on paper, or to make a purchasing decision if you haven’t been inside virtual reality yet. Therefore we encourage anyone whom are interested in virtual reality or augmented reality to come and visit us at our offices and to get a virtual reality demonstration.

It is one of the most powerful mediums you can use for training or marketing. If you are interested in Virtual Reality contact Gerald Ferreira on +27 72 234 7513 for more information or to book an appointment for a virtual reality demonstration.

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