Virtual Reality Boardroom VR Meetings


We have been developing a Virtual Reality Boardroom solution for companies who want to hold immersive boardroom meetings.

Some of the advantages of Virtual Reality Boardroom meetings include the realism of the meetings. With current boardroom meetings software like Zoom and Skype you are in a 2D environment and cannot really interact with people like you can in Virtual Reality. It is also very easy to lose interest in the meeting or do things that is distracting when you are having a skype meeting. In a virtual reality meeting, there is no distractions like WhatsApp or a Facebook message.

As virtual reality gets better the experience will become more interactive, more immersive and more photorealistic. As it is at the moment we can have constructive meetings in virtual reality and it is possible to work remotely and attend meetings remotely.

Boardroom Virtual Reality
Boardroom Virtual Reality

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