On the 2nd of february 2022 we developed a custom web-based virtual and augmented reality experience for Lexus. The experience was created with high-end 360 degree cameras, computer generated 3D modelling and game development software.

Lexus is an internationally known motor vehicle brand owned by Japanese automobile company Toyota. The experience we created showcases their IS300h 2021 model. Within the experience, users have access to a 360 degree virtual tour in which they can view the car from multiple angles, just like they would in a real-world Lexus dealership. The experience also provides important details and information regarding the IS300h’s various features, such as its total system output, wheel size, cruise control capability, park distance control and LED auto High-Beam headlights.

Virtual Reality Lexus Interior

In addition to showcasing the car’s various external features, the experience allows users to view the inside of the car as well, which also provides information on the car’s key components and features. However, what makes the experience more than a regular virtual tour, is that the user has been given the ability to view the Lexus IS300h in augmented reality with the use of a mobile device., allowing you to look at a digitally created Lexus IS300h projected into the real world environment in real time. The virtual tour can also be viewed in real virtual reality with the use of a smartphone and a Google Cardboard Virtual Reality headset.

The full tour, which was photographed at Lexus The Glen in Johannesburg, can be seen below. The tour can also be accessed by clicking here.

While the Lexus IS300h is our latest virtual reality automobile experience, it is certainly not our first. We are experienced in the world of virtual reality cars. If you need help with your car-based virtual reality solutions, contact us today!