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One of my virtual reality clients asked me to assist them with the re-design of the University of Johannesburg website. The website was out on tender, and we won the tender as part of a joint venture. I was responsible for the re-design of the website, moving the old website which were on a SharePoint system to a WordPress system.

I developed a custom theme for the University website specifically to adhere to best Search Engine Optimization practices as well as technical SEO and meeting the design criteria set by the University.

In the first month of launching the website the site has seen for the first time in the history of the University more than 1 million visitors for the month. We’ve further increased the average use of the website by more than 200% in following months compared to their performance previous years.

The theme that we’ve developed adhere strictly to technical SEO, as well as Organic SEO and we’ve managed to get the site to the first page if you search for “University” or “Universities” or “University of Johannesburg” or “Universities in South Africa” in Google Search to name a few of the positive search results that we’ve achieved with the new University Website.

All in all the University website consists of more than 20 000 pages, that was moved individually and redeployed in a organized database system, to make future upgrades more future proof.

Letter of Recommendation from the University

University Letter Of Recommendation

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