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The digital revolution is giving rise to exciting new technologies. Businesses that take advantage of these may possess a vital competitive edge, but there are also risks to navigate. Inside spoke with experts from the region to learn more.

Gerald Ferreira, owner of South African company Virtual-Reality, told Inside: “People should think about this technology in the same way as a smartphone. If you take a long term view – 10, 15 or 20 years – then VR will be so realistic that you will be able to interact with people anywhere in a VR environment.
“Back in 1998, one of my biggest problems was internet infrastructure, but that is now developing very quickly.

It is not a problem in South Africa, and it is spreading across the continent. If you take a long term view, I think the infrastructure will be there. “We are getting a lot in enquiries from across Africa. Companies from other countries are interested in sponsoring us to go there and talk about VR because the interest is so high. The potential is limitless.”

The Next Big Thing
The Next Big Thing

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