Google Trusted Street View Photographer


In January 2016 I became a Google Trusted Photographer.

“You’ve met the requirement to be trusted by Google Street View. Based on your expressed interest from the Street View app, you will be recognized in our Street View products as a trusted professional for hire — an excellent way to gain credibility and access to exclusive leads while helping others explore the world.” – Google Street View Trusted Photographer Email

The Google Trusted Photographer program allows Photographers to publish businesses into Google Maps and Google Earth as part of the Google Street View Program. By publishing a 360° Virtual Tour of your business inside Google Street View you boost your companies visibility in Google, Google Maps and Google Earth. It is kind of a secret weapon to outrank you competition that doesn’t have a virtual tour published in Google Street View and benefit your business in many unexpected ways. By ranking higher in Google and becoming more visible.

Google Maps Street View Trusted
Google Maps Street View Trusted
Google Local Guides
Google Local Guides

Above is the Google Maps Street View Trusted badge. This confirms that we are part of the Google Maps Street View Trusted photographers network and can only be used by people accredited to the program. We are also enrolled into the Google Local Guides program and are currently Level 7 Google Local Guides.

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