I would like to personally thank all my clients and business associates for providing us with their references and testimonies. If it were not for your believe in the things that I do none of this would have been possible. It is and has been a privilege for me to have worked with you!

[ut_single_quote author_font_weight=”normal” company_font_weight=”normal” date=”2019-12-17″ author=”Taryn Muller” title=”Marketing Officer – Dube TradePort Corporation” avatar=”2346″ company=”Dube TradePort Corporation”]I am thrilled to recommend Mr Gerald Ferreira and his team at “Mixed Reality” for augmented reality and virtual reality work. Gerald and his team were recently contracted through our advertising agency, Assegai and Javelin, to deliver an augmented reality project for Dube TradePort. This was executed within a very short time for a critical event hosted on the 12th September 2019.

The Dube TradePort APP that was designed and created for this event consists of augmented reality experiences, interactive maps as well as several 360 tours of our facilities. Augmented Reality is a challenging and increasingly competitive field of technology which is growing in popularity very quickly, however it is also a risky space where capability and technical expertise is difficult to measure and quantify. In addition, it is something that requires a level of after sales support.

From the outset, Gerald proved himself as highly knowledgeable, reliable and technically experienced in the field of AR and VR and we were not only impressed by the past projects he demonstrated but also by recommendations he brought to the table specifically for our project. We have been especially impressed by his commitment and after sales service and support after the project was delivered and he has continued to remained reliable for after delivery service.

With that said, I am highly confident in my recommendation of Mr Gerald Ferreira for Augmented Reality projects without reservation.[/ut_single_quote][ut_single_quote author_font_weight=”normal” company_font_weight=”normal” date=”2019-12-06″ author=”Nichelle Stephens” title=”ASSEGAI & JAVELIN” avatar=”2296″ company=”ASSEGAI & JAVELIN”]To Whom It May Concern

Assegai & Javelin Advertising (Pty) Ltd is a leading through-the-line advertising and strategic marketing and communications agency based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, active in both traditional and digital materials design and production.

With regard to our extensive digital services offering to clients, our company has worked with Virtual Reality on a major campaign, which proved extremely successful and drew highly complementary comments from the Client.

Undertakings by Virtual Reality in this regard included the Durban Aerotropolis Augmented Reality Application commissioned by Dube TradePort Corporation. The company demonstrated absolute professionalism throughout and its representatives proved themselves to be extremely competent and more than willing to go the extra mile for us, in serving the best interests of our client.

In our view, Virtual Reality has shown itself to be a most capable and passionate proponent of business endeavours in the digital space and a consummate professional in its specialist field. We would, accordingly, have no hesitation in recommending their services.[/ut_single_quote][ut_single_quote author_font_weight=”normal” company_font_weight=”normal” date=”2019-07-26″ author=”Lerato Mutele” title=”Co-founder and Managing Director – Academic Republic Agency” avatar=”2312″ company=”Academic Republic Agency”]To whom it may concern

Letter of recommendation: Gerald Ferreira

Academic Republic has worked with Gerald Ferreira and his team to create a virtual reality experience for our client, DSTV. We launched a nationwide educational activation for their new product offering. We had less than 3 weeks to create a fully immersive virtual reality solution.

Scope of work:

• Develop a virtual reality educational experience centre.
• Step-by-step guide to educate consumers on how best to use the DSTV Now app.
• Train promoters and plan virtual reality activations for various locations including malls, business parks and beaches.

The project was completed on time and activations were planned and executed accordingly. In all aspects of our working relationship, Gerald Ferreira was extremely professional in his approach, always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the project meets client expectation, never compromising on quality and highly flexible when under pressure with time. His excellent insights into the industry is what makes the process seamless and fun to work with.

We have no hesitation in recommending Gerald Ferreira and his team to other clients.[/ut_single_quote][ut_single_quote author_font_weight=”normal” company_font_weight=”normal” date=”2019-07-25″ author=”Ms Zama Phakathi” title=”CEO: Splendid Marketing and Communications” avatar=”2301″ company=”Splendid Marketing”]To whom it may concern

Reference Letter for Virtual Reality 360

This letter serves as confirmation that the Virtual Reality Company headed by Gerald Ferreira was responsible for rolling out over 4 Virtual Reality Experiences both in South Africa and Botswana on behalf of Splendid Marketing and Communications.

Splendid Marketing and Communications appointed the Virtual Reality Company to conceptualize, coordinate and implement a three-way virtual Reality Marketing Experience for one of our clients. This included utilizing various unique experiences and physical props to stimulate real life emotions to better position and give our client a competitive edge within the Hospitality and Tourism Sector.

Gerald as an amazing and talented entrepreneur, VR specialist managed to produce and implement a high-end quality experience with utmost professionalism within a minimal set timeframe. Gerald’s affordable pricing model and knowledge on the tech industry and willingness to share this knowledge, allocate as well as expedite resources has been a great asset to the successful running of our activations and marketing events. He is an innovative thinker with a great sense of customer satisfaction and highly competent.

We would highly recommend Gerald and the Virtual Reality Company team as an efficient, reliable and very professional service provider for any future projects of this nature. Moreover, for easy reference check below our websites and social media platforms to review the work done:

• Tourism KwaZulu-Natal Macufe Activation http://splendidmarketing.co.za/?page_id=2328
• Tourism KwaZulu-Natal Botswana Activation http://splendidmarketing.co.za/?page_id=2319
• Tourism KwaZulu-Natal South Coast Bike Fest http://splendidmarketing.co.za/?p=2559

Aim of the project was to take potential tourists to KZN a climbs tour of KZN and activities found within the province through the virtual reality experience. This was in line with the organization’s objectives to drive economic growth and tourists number to the province.
Yours sincerely,[/ut_single_quote][ut_single_quote author_font_weight=”normal” company_font_weight=”normal” date=”2019-07-25″ author=”Simon Wilkinson” title=”COO – Blacklight” avatar=”2317″ company=”Blacklight”]To whom it may concern

I would like to recommend Gerald Ferreira and his team for any Virtual Reality or Augmented reality projects. Our company, Blacklight have worked with Gerald Ferreira and his team for the last two years, where they assisted us in creating VR and AR experiences. These include experiences for some of our most important clients, including some of the large banks in South Africa.

Gerald Ferreira has always proven insightful and because of his vast experience with the technologies, his ability to predict what makes these technologies appealing to the end-users, ensuring that each deployment was an immersive experience.

Gerald and his team have delivered on time and in spec even when timelines have been compressed while never compromising on the quality, they are passionate, and it is visible in their work!

In the past, we worked with several other Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality companies in South Africa. Today Gerald Ferreira and his company are our preferred supplier. We highly recommend Gerald Ferreira for any AR and VR work.
Yours Faithfully[/ut_single_quote][ut_single_quote author_font_weight=”normal” company_font_weight=”normal” date=”2019-07-24″ author=”Johnny Esterhuizen” title=”Ruminant Nutritionist – Trouw Nutrition South Africa (PTY) Ltd” company=”Trouw Nutrition South Africa (PTY) Ltd” avatar=”2321″]Dear Reader,

I would like to recommend Gerald Ferreira and his team from Mixed-Reality. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with them. We gave Gerald very little time and he just flew in and did what he had to – delivering above expectations.

Aim of the project was to take our most valued customers on a virtual tour through our plants. They were amazed by the experience, in the comfort of the hotel that hosted the event. I’ve attached a picture of them doing the tour. The VR-team did a tremendous job setting it up, explaining and guiding the participants.

After the job was completed, the VR-experience was installed on our Oculus units that we bought from them. We still use it every day in marketing our facilities to clients. Trouw Nutrition South Africa has already discussed follow-up projects of this sort and will without doubt use this company again.[/ut_single_quote][ut_single_quote author_font_weight=”normal” company_font_weight=”normal” date=”2019-06-18″ author=”Telmo dos Reis” avatar=”2261″ title=”360º & Volumetric VR video producer” company=”VR Capture”]Gerald is one of the forefathers of the South African VR industry. He has done a lot of good for the industry by educating the general public and has influenced the overall adoption of VR technology in Africa. With the use of the latest XR tech in his productions, he comes highly recommended.[/ut_single_quote][ut_single_quote author_font_weight=”normal” company_font_weight=”normal” date=”2018-04-17″ author=”Tashveer Bodhi” avatar=”2264″ title=”Project Manager at University of Limpopo” company=”Maxum Digital Innovation Hub”]Gerald is an amazing and talented entrepreneur with whom I have had the pleasure of working with through his VR company. His knowledge on the tech industry and willingness to share this knowledge has been a great asset to the Incubator and his own development within the VR industry. He is an innovative thinker with a great vision that has built a sustainable company and I strongly believe that he is game changer who will be very successful in his future.[/ut_single_quote][ut_single_quote author_font_weight=”normal” company_font_weight=”normal” date=”2017-11-18″ author=”Jaco Wilters” avatar=”2267″ title=”Chief Operating Officer – Speak Geek” company=”Speak Geek”]A true visionary in the adoption and utility of Virtual Reality technology in emerging markets. Success for Gerald is not measured in how good his company does, but how good the global VR market is doing! This man eats, sleeps and lives VR![/ut_single_quote][ut_single_quote author_font_weight=”normal” company_font_weight=”normal” date=”2015-08-04″ author=”Rudi Snyders” avatar=”2269″ title=”Sales Director – Virtual Reality Company”]Gerald is extremely gifted when it comes to Web development, Web design, marketing and even Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I have learnt a great deal from Gerald and his ability to think out of the box! I would recommend Gerald and his talents to ANY company and I wish him the greatest of success for his Future in the Digital world![/ut_single_quote][ut_single_quote author_font_weight=”normal” company_font_weight=”normal” date=”2015-06-03″ author=”Emél Brown” avatar=”2272″ title=”Owner – AV Advertising” company=”AV Advertising”]Gerald is extremely competent and creative, with a fine eye for detail. Always willing to go the extra mile for a customer. It is always a pleasure to work with him on challenging projects.[/ut_single_quote][ut_single_quote author_font_weight=”normal” company_font_weight=”normal” date=”2015-05-22″ author=”Thegandra Naidoo” avatar=”2274″ title=”Consultant – PR & Communications, Stakeholder and Events Management at Worx Group Media” company=”Worx Group Media”]I have known Gerald since 2012 and he is one of the most talented individuals when it comes to web development, SEO implementation and content management. He comes highly recommended as an SEO specialist.[/ut_single_quote][ut_single_quote author_font_weight=”normal” company_font_weight=”normal” date=”2011-01-18″ author=”Martin Sack” avatar=”2276″ title=”Strategy, Operations, and Marketing”]Gerald is one of those guys that believes passionately in the work he does. Melding the art of SEO and programming , he has created tools that need to be seen to be believed. Bottom line, he adds Value[/ut_single_quote][ut_single_quote author_font_weight=”normal” company_font_weight=”normal” date=”2010-11-24″ author=”Mel Dunkin” avatar=”2278″ title=”Experienced SEO Copywriter, Online Content Manager and Web Developer”]Gerald was solely responsible for all SEO requirements for the numerous South African and international websites owned and operated by Gambling Advertising. In addition, he managed all CMS and web development requirements.

Throughout our association, Gerald displayed an excellent work ethic and handled each of these roles competently and with total professionalism.[/ut_single_quote][ut_single_quote author_font_weight=”normal” company_font_weight=”normal” date=”2009-07-07″ author=”Schalk Van Der Sandt” avatar=”2281″ title=”Digital leader and transformation specialist” company=”Verpakt”]I worked with Gerald for a period spanning more than a year, and in that time, I was amazed at Gerald’s insight into the web, and more specifically SEO.

Watching him work was fantastic, as the processes he used were not always conventional, but seeing the results they brought were even more remarkable.

I would certainly recommend Gerald as an SEO consultant to any company, as he is a hard working, and intelligent man, with his sights firmly set on the bigger picture. Gerald is happy to work on any project that is given to him, but his real value lies in his ideas, and suggestions on how to optimize and maximize results from his projects. He gives real and serious thought to his tasks, and when he applies his in-depth and expert knowledge to an idea, his suggestions become invaluable.[/ut_single_quote][ut_single_quote author_font_weight=”normal” company_font_weight=”normal” date=”2007-01-17″ author=”Corne De Klerk” avatar=”2283″ title=”Mobile Marketing Specialist at Verpakt Management Services” company=”Verpakt”]Gerald has mastered the profession of programming. He always keep up to date with the latest developments within his industry and always come up with a possible solution for a problem or come up with new ways on improving current systems.

He’s attention to detail makes his sites one of the best ranked websites on some of the major search engines.[/ut_single_quote][ut_single_quote author_font_weight=”normal” company_font_weight=”normal” date=”2007-01-10″ author=”Euron De Sousa” title=”SEO Manager at Verpakt” avatar=”2289″ company=”Verpakt”]Gerald has provided good standard web development and online marketing skills to the team. I would recommend him to any organisation as a diligent and consistent and hardworking candidate[/ut_single_quote][ut_single_quote author_font_weight=”normal” company_font_weight=”normal” date=”2006-12-27″ author=”Erick Mocke” title=”Service Assurance Manager at Comsol Networks” avatar=”2291″ company=”BCX”]Gerald is a Hard working individual. Being punctual with his task is always of high priority.Quality of work should speak for itself.New technology and improvement techniques are always being tested and improved.[/ut_single_quote]

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