I am Gerald Ferreira, a digital marketing and web development expert with a specialization in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Entrepreneurship, as well as a proven track record in virtual reality software solutions.

My passion for entrepreneurship and innovation began directly after my high school days when I went to Israel to do volunteer work on a Kibbutz, where I learned that if a community works together they can create success and wealth. My business concepts have always been built on this idea of a Kibbutz or Ubuntu, working together to make ideas succeed.

In 1995, when I got back from Israel, I opened a computer technician service company as well as a marketing company called Stargazer Advertising Agency in Klerksdorp. Through this business, I won the tender to develop a website for the City council of Klerksdorp. I taught myself web development for this project and this is where my web development career started. The city council website ranked internationally for popular keywords related to cities and city councils and millions of people all over the world stumbled upon the Klerksdorp website. This was even before Search Engine Optimization was an actual word, and 3 years before Google even started. This was my first introduction to search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

I then realized that the more clients see your business online the more sales and interest you can create for your business. I then wanted to showcase Klerksdorp to all these millions of users, and started experimenting with photography to showcase Klerksdorp to the web viewers. During this process, I learned more about panorama images, and created my own software to put these panoramas on the internet as a virtual tour. This is how I got into Virtual Reality, my first virtual tour product was very similar to Google Street View today, the only difference is that I did it in 1998 and Google only launched Google Street view in 2007. This showcases my ability to be innovative and ahead of the curve in the field of virtual reality and digital marketing.

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