AfricaCom – Speaker Virtual Reality

November 10, 2017
November 10, 2017 GeraldFerreira

I was invited by the organizers of AfricaCom to talk about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. I talked about Virtual Reality in South Africa and the adoption of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in South Africa.

Below is some images from the event. They provided us with some exhibition space to showcase Virtual Reality to people attending the show. People loved the experience and we received quite a lot of business from the event.

Virtual Reality Trade Shows

Virtual Reality Trade Shows

Someone at the AfricaCom exhibition trying Virtual Reality for the first time.

virtual reality events

Virtual Reality Events

People loved the Virtual Reality experience

VR africacom

VR africacom

Ronel Ferreira assisting someone with their Virtual Reality experience.

Virtual Reality Africacom

Virtual Reality Africacom

Gerald Ferreira Speaking about 4th Industrial Revolution, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

I regularly speak about Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and the 4th Industrial Revolution. If you have an upcoming event where you need someone to speak about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or the 4th Industrial Revolution. Talk to me!

Below is links to some other events where I talked.


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