We developed an immersive virtual tour for the University Of Pretoria with high-end 360 photography and drone footage.

During June 2020 we started developing a virtual tour for the University Of Pretoria. The tour encompasses all faculties, student residences,academic facilities, student support facilities, landmarks and historic buildings within the university’s campuses.

The tours were created with a mixture of aerial drone photography and on-foot 360 degree photography taken by a professionally trained member of our team. With the help of specialised virtual tour creation software, the series of 360 degree images was converted into a dynamic, fully explorable version of the university, featuring a map for each campus, series of videos explaining each section of the tour, and a voice-over tour guide.

Up Aerial Drone

The full tour, which can also be displayed either in fullscreen or in a smaller window, can be seen below.

With the power of 360 degree technology we can create immersive, interactive virtual tours of any desired location. Whether it is a large university or a small office, we are able to generate a custom-made virtual tour that matches your exact needs and specifications. Our tours consist of dynamic, vibrant, high-quality images taken by high-end aerial drones and cameras operated by our professionally trained staff members.

If you need us to create a virtual tour of your business, school or any other physical place, contact us today!