Virtual Reality

Learn more about the Virtual Reality Projects we have done. Virtual Reality Software Development, Virtual Reality Events and see for your self why we are the BEST Virtual Reality company in South Africa.

Virtual Reality Activation and Virtual Reality Team

We offer high-end Virtual Reality experiences to clients. Our virtual reality activation team is trained to give customers a first time, every-time awesome virtual reality experience.

Gerald Ferreira Virtual Reality Speaker at Innovation Hub Pretoria

I was invited to the Innovation Hub in Pretoria to talk about Virtual Reality. I talked about the current state of Virtual Reality in South Africa and how virtual reality fits into sports and my journey as a Virtual Reality pioneer in South Africa.

Virtual Reality Demonstration Transnet South Africa

If you are looking for a Virtual Reality company in South Africa or interested in exploring Virtual Reality talk to us. We regularly provide Virtual Reality demo’s to clients interested in Virtual Reality. It is important that you understand and experience virtual reality before you buy into virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Game – ABSA Bank South Africa

We developed a high-end 6DOF Virtual Reality game for ABSA Bank South Africa. They wanted to showcase the benefits of ABSA rewards in a competitive environment to their clients. The Agency that contracted us to develop the application for ABSA had to do mall activation to sign up people for the ABSA Rewards program.

Virtual Reality Team Building for Factory Staff

We were commissioned by Heineken South Africa to provide a Virtual Reality Team Building activity for their factory workers. We used some of the virtual reality games that is commercially available to entertain the Factory Staff Workers.

360° Video Rugby – Virtual Reality in Sports

We created a short 360° video of the South African Lions Rugby Team practicing. This 360° video shows the potential power of using Virtual Reality and 360° video in sport. Spectators can get some inside into practice and the team. While couches can review team practice and play strategies.

Virtual Reality South African Association

I established the Virtual Reality South Africa Association in January 2017. The purpose of the Virtual Reality South African Association is to establish a platform for Virtual Reality companies in South Africa and to market these companies to South African businesses.

Virtual Reality South Africa on Television

We were invited to ETV to talk about Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality is going to play an ever increasing role in Entertainment, Gaming and Education.

Virtual Reality Demonstration to Advertising Industry

We were invited by Red Cherry Advertising South Africa to demonstrate virtual reality to their clients at one of their Industry days. Below is some images that we took at the event.

Investec Virtual Reality Tourism Experience

We assisted Investec with one of their tourism events. We provided all-in-one Virtual Reality headsets to them, as well as activation staff to facilitate their virtual reality experience.

Gerald Ferreira – We are not interested in doing Virtual Reality Porn

Gerald Ferreira, founder of various South African based Virtual Reality Companies, says as a company and for personal reasons, it made the conscious decision not to get directly involved in the porn industry.

360° Video of a Rugby Game in South Africa

Virtual Reality and 360° video is a awesome technology. The potential of Virtual Reality and 360° video is still very untapped and in the near future it will grow into one of the biggest mediums of entertainment.

View a House in Virtual Reality

Gerald Ferreira, founder of South African enterprise virtual-reality.co.za, said, however, although VR was “relatively new technology”, the concept had been used in real estate for most of the past decade.

Virtual Reality Tour Data center

In May 2016 we created a Virtual Reality Tour of the BCX Data Center. The idea was to get people at their exhibition stand to see what the Data Center looks like in Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality Gerald Ferreira in Brainstorm Magazine

We were invited to talk about Virtual Reality for an article in the Brainstorm Magazine. Virtual Reality has to be one of the most exciting trends to kickstart the year, but other than shiny images, what else can it do?

Google Trusted Street View Photographer

In January 2016 I became a Google Trusted Photographer. “You’ve met the requirement to be trusted by Google Street View. Based on your expressed interest from the Street View app, you will be recognized in our Street View products as a trusted professional for hire — an excellent way to gain credibility and access to exclusive leads while helping others explore the […]

BBC Custom Branded Virtual Reality Headsets

In 2015 we were approached by the BBC to custom brand their virtual reality headsets for them. At the time virtual reality headsets weren’t as common as they are today. It was almost impossible to find a company whom would have been able to custom brand virtual reality headsets at the time.

Gerald Ferreira on Television CNBC Africa

Gerald Ferreira talking about Virtual Reality on CNBC Africa. I was invited by Finweek to their Television show on CNBC Africa to talk about Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality in Finweek News

We received some media converge from the FinWeek Magazine. I got the opportunity to share some information about the Virtual Reality industry in South Africa.

Our Custom Developed Virtual Reality Goggles

We developed Custom Branded Plastic virtual reality glasses for our clients. At the time there wasn’t many options to have custom branded virtual reality glasses that were made from plastic. Many companies felt that the Google Cardboard product was cheap and wanted something more durable.

Virtual Reality Custom Glasses Development

We started developing our own plastic Virtual Reality glasses around October 2014. Google have launched their Google Cardboard units in June 25, 2014. We wanted something the same but more durable and decided to develop our own Virtual Reality Glasses. I have develop these virtual reality glasses in association with Philip van der Walt one […]

Virtual Reality wasn’t big in 2013

In 2013 we received a Sponsorship | Barter Deal form the organizers of the Johannesburg Motor Show to create a virtual tour of the Johannesburg Motor Show. In return for the virtual tour we received a stand at the Johannesburg Motor Show.

Our 360° Video Camera – Innovation

Vision becomes Reality in Virtual Reality We started experimenting with virtual reality in 1998. At the time we did mostly Virtual Tours. We created the virtual tours using Digital Cameras and Later DSLR Digital Cameras. Since that time I had the vision of shooting Panorama Images and combining these panoramas into a video. At the […]

Virtual Reality Tour Johannesburg Motor Show 2011

In 2011 we created one of the biggest Virtual Tours in South Africa. At the time Virtual Reality was not yet as common as it is today. We were the pioneers of Virtual Reality at the time believing that one day the industry will take off! In fact we created our first Virtual Tour of […]

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