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Learn more about the Virtual Reality Projects we have done. Virtual Reality Software Development, Virtual Reality Events and see for your self why we are the BEST Virtual Reality company in South Africa.

Virtual Tour Construction Expo

We were commissioned by the organizers of the African Construction Expo to create a Virtual Tour of the expo. The Virtual Tour is a true representation of the companies that exhibited at the Construction Expo and gives future visitors and exhibitors a clear idea of what the Construction Expo is about. It is a stunning […]

Virtual Reality Events Sandton Convention Center

We were commissioned to assist Westcon with one of their events which were held at the Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg South Africa. They were looking for something that would attract people to their stand.

Architectural 3D Rendering Services – Tourism Lodge Victoria Falls

We were commissioned to create a Architecture 3D Artistic Visualization of the Pioneers lodge that is being developed in Zimbabwe at the Victoria Falls. The client wanted to showcase to potential investors and travel agents. The client already owns several lodges in the Victoria Falls area and wanted to showcase their latest development plans.

Virtual Reality Application Development – Agriculture

We were commissioned by AGCO South Africa to develop a high-end Virtual Reality experience for them. They wanted to showcase Farm in a Box to potential investors in Germany and give them a clear overview of what Farm in a Box is all about.

Virtual Reality Tourism – KwaZulu Natal Virtual Reality Event in Botswana

We were commissioned by Splendid Marketing South Africa to assist them with their Virtual Reality Events for Tourism KwaZulu Natal. This was one of the most exciting virtual reality events that we have done to date.

Virtual Reality Karaoke Game Development

We were commissioned to create a Virtual Reality Experience for DSTV South Africa. DSTV is the biggest pay TV in Africa. DSTV was the official broadcaster of the Idols show in South Africa. They wanted to offer audience members a Karaoke experience to fit in with the theme of Idols.

Sunday Times – Even Banks are fun in the Goggle Eyed Future

We were contacted by Tanya Farber a journalist at the Sunday Times South Africa to provide some information about the state of Virtual Reality in South Africa.

Gerald Ferreira Speaker at ABSA Tourism Event

I was invited by ABSA to speak about Virtual Reality in the Tourism industry.

360° Virtual Tour of Tyre Shop

On the 24th of June 2018 we 3D Scanned the Supa Quick Tyre Experts Centurion branch and created a Virtual Tour of the Business. The idea with the virtual tour was to boost the visibility of the Super Quick branch in Centurion and make it more visible to clients. Virtual Tours are a great Local […]

Virtual Tour Car Dealership South Africa

Our company create Virtual Tours for South African Businesses. In this article you can view the Virtual Tour that we created for Audi Sandton. We provided them with a Matterport Virtual Tour as well as a Google Street View Virtual Tour.

International Media Coverage for Gerald Ferreira Virtual Reality

The digital revolution is giving rise to exciting new technologies. Businesses that take advantage of these may possess a vital competitive edge, but there are also risks to navigate. Inside spoke with experts from the region to learn more.

Virtual Reality Events South Africa

We have one of the biggest ranges of high-end virtual reality equipment in South Africa. We rent out our virtual reality equipment for virtual reality events.

Virtual Reality Game Development – Fear of Heights Experience

We were commissioned to create a Virtual Reality experience for Toujeo®. What is Toujeo®? It it one of the leading insulin glargine injections in the world. The idea was to get doctors and medical reps who attended the Toujeo® events a adrenaline rush so that they get the feeling of what it is like if […]

Virtual Reality Tours South Africa

We create professional Virtual Tours in South Africa for Real Estate Agents, Architects, Property Developers and Businesses. Virtual Tours is one of the best tools that can be used to market spaces and places online.

Virtual Tours for Real Estate Agencies in South Africa

We create Virtual Tours for Real Estate Agencies in South Africa. Virtual Reality is a powerful marketing medium. We can 3D Scan a property for you and create a Virtual Tour. This Virtual Tour can then be embedded into a website or other Industry leading websites and give your online property marketing a big boost! […]

Virtual Tours Properties in South Africa

We offer Virtual Tours as part of our 360 Virtual Reality services. Virtual Tours is one of the most powerful tools for Real Estate Agents. If done correctly real estate agents can safe time and money selling property online using Virtual Reality tours. It also allows for faster turn around times when selling your property […]

Virtual Reality Tour of Property South Africa

Virtual Tours is one of the most powerful ways to market your property inventory online to new clients. The Virtual Tour if embedded onto your website or in partner websites allow potential clients to see the property as it is! It has been proven that virtual tours help sell properties faster and is more time […]

Virtual Reality Application Developer South Africa – Standard Bank

We were commissioned by Standard Bank South Africa to create a Virtual Reality Education and Marketing application for them. The concept that they wanted to show clients was that Smartphone banking is more convenient than going to a physical branch.

Africacom – Virtual Reality in Education

We developed a Educational Virtual Reality Experiment for Extramarks. Extramarks is an International Online Education platform. As part of the events and activation of the experience they invited journalists and kids to the Africacom Exhibition to showcase the power of Virtual Reality and online learning.

AfricaCom – Speaker Virtual Reality

I was invited by the organizers of AfricaCom to talk about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. I talked about Virtual Reality in South Africa and the adoption of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in South Africa.

Virtual Reality Education Game

One of my personal passions is Virtual Reality in Education. I believe that virtual reality is the ultimate training and education solution. We as humans learn the best in a 3D Environment. We live in a 3D Enviroment, we touch stuff, we move around and we explore spaces, places and objects. In a 2D environment […]

3D Model DSTV Television Remote Control

We needed to 3D Model a DSTV remote controller for the DSTV Virtual Reality experience which we created for them. Our company offers the full 360° virtual reality service from creating high-end Virtual Reality experiences to Mobile Virtual Reality Applications, 3D Modeling and Animation.

Custom Virtual Reality Application Development for Television Broadcaster

We developed a high-end Virtual Reality Experience for DSTV South Africa. DSTV is the Largest Pay TV Service in Africa. They wanted to show people at events in virtual reality what it is like to own Box Office. Instead of creating a living room at the events with Real Furniture, Real DSTV equipment and Real […]

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