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We developed a Educational Virtual Reality Experiment for Extramarks. Extramarks is an International Online Education platform. As part of the events and activation of the experience they invited journalists and kids to the Africacom Exhibition to showcase the power of Virtual Reality and online learning.

Africacom Virtual Reality
Africacom Virtual Reality

Custom Virtual Reality Educational Software

We developed a Virtual Reality Science Experiment for Extramarks. In the virtual reality experiment students had to do the Copper sulfate and Iron experiment. Students and Journalists were immersed into a science laboratory.

Inside the Laboratory was a teacher instructing them step by step on what to do. Learners had to follow the instructions and then do as told, step by step. The teacher would instruct them to pick up the beaker and move it in front of them. Then they had to take the water bottle and remove the cap from it, and place the lid in front of them on the table. They then had to pour 30 millimeters of water into the beaker. They then had to put back the water bottle and put the lid back onto the water bottle. Next they had to open the lid on the Copper sulfate container. Scoop up a spatula of copper sulfate and mix it with the water in the beaker.

Grab two Test tubes and place it in front of them. Take some of the copper sulfate mixture and pour it into the test tubes. Then they had to take a nail and string and hang the nail in one of the test tubes. Wait for 15 minutes to see how the nail gets affected by the Copper Sulfate.

Take out the nail inside the test tube and compare it with a nail which wasn’t in the mixture. The teacher explained the whole process to them and why the one nail got a reddish color on it and how it affected the nail.

Some of the students who completed the experiment in Virtual Reality was then asked to do it with the real equipment. Without fail all the students whom have done the experiment in Virtual Reality could complete it in the real world without fail!

Virtual Reality Equipment Rental

We were also responsible for all their Virtual Reality events and provided all the virtual reality equipment for the event as well as virtual reality activation specialists to assist with the activation.

Virtual Reality Education
Virtual Reality Education

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If you are interested in getting a Virtual Reality education application developed or if you want to create a Virtual Reality training simulator talk to us. We are one of the most experienced Virtual Reality companies in South Africa and have the means, know how and capability.

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