About Me

Welcome to my website I am Gerald Ferreira this website is about me, and the things that I do. I am an Entrepreneur specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Web Development, Online Marketing and Virtual Reality.

I have been in the “Internet Business” since 1995.

Things I do

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Marketing
  • Virtual Reality
  • Photography
  • Innovator
  • Entrepreneur

Thing I Love

Family, Dogs, Animals, Cars, Wildlife, Nature, Photography, Internet, Games, Swimming, Reading, Researching, Innovations, Gadgets and Playing Chess.

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Gerald Ferreira

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Virtual Reality VR3.glass

I am one of the founders of VR3.glass the “Virtual Reality Company”.

The VR3.glass company manufacture custom Virtual Reality Headsets enabling people to interact and immerse themselves in Virtual Reality.

We develop Virtual Reality Software solutions and offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to join in our Virtual Reality Affiliate program, enabling them to sell and create their own custom virtual reality experiences.


Virtual Reality 360° Video Camera System

We developed our own 360° Video Camera System and rig for gopro cameras to enable people to create their own Virtual Reality experiences.

I have played a key role in the design and development of the VR3.glass 360° camera system. You can read more about the system on the VR3.glass site.



Here is some of the things people had to say about me:

“I worked with Gerald for a period spanning more than a year, and in that time, I was amazed at Gerald’s insight into the web, and more specifically SEO. Watching him work was fantastic, as the processes he used were not always conventional, but seeing the results they brought were even more remarkable. I would certainly recommend Gerald as an SEO consultant to any company, as he is a hard working, and intelligent man, with his sights firmly set on the bigger picture. Gerald is happy to work on any project that is given to him, but his real value lies in his ideas, and suggestions on how to optimize and maximize results from his projects. He gives real and serious thought to his tasks, and when he applies his in-depth and expert knowledge to an idea, his suggestions become invaluable.”
Schalk Van Der Sandt, Mobile Marketing Specialist at Verpakt Management Services
“Gerald has mastered the profession of programming. He always keep up to date with the latest developments within his industry and always come up with a possible solution for a problem or come up with new ways on improving current systems.”

He’s attention to detail makes his sites one of the best ranked websites on some of the major search engines

Corne De Klerk
“I have known Gerald since 2012 and he is one of the most talented individuals when it comes to web development, SEO implementation and content management. He comes highly recommended as an SEO specialist.”
Thegandra Naidoo, Director at Worx Group Media
“Gerald has provided good standard web development and online marketing skills to the team. I would recommend him to any organization as a diligent and consistent and hardworking candidate.”
Euron De Sousa, Manager at Verpakt Media
“Gerald is a Hard working individual. Being punctual with his task is always of high priority. Quality of work should speak for itself. New technology and improvement techniques are always being tested and improved.”
Erick Mocke, CE at BCX
“Gerald was solely responsible for all SEO requirements for the numerous South African and international websites owned and operated by Gambling Advertising. In addition, he managed all CMS and web development requirements. Throughout our association, Gerald displayed an excellent work ethic and handled each of these roles competently and with total professionalism.”
Mel Dunkin, SEO and Online Marketing
“Gerald is one of those guys that believes passionately in the work he does. Melding the art of SEO and programming , he has created tools that need to be seen to be believed. Bottom line, he adds Value”
Martin Sack, CEO and Principal Consultant at Online Marketing Guys Limited
“I have never met anyone with the same general knowledge, IT, programming and computer expertise ! He’s websites are some of the best I have ever seen”
Marius Grobler, Independent Electrical Contractor
“3D Car Shows is often the first website to upload news from across the industry. 3D Car Shows provides content from across the entire automotive industry at both a regional and global level. The site features highly in google rankings providing powerful exposure for our clients.”
Nick Bailey, Director, Propel Technology, specialist marketing communications agency for the automotive and motorsport sectors
Gerald is extremely competent and creative, with a fine eye for detail. Always willing to go the extra mile for a customer.

It is always a pleasure to work with him on challenging projects.

Emél Brown, Owner, AV Advertising